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Informed Beginnings is a cooperative of educators who have designed a truly dynamic childbirth education series. Our mission is to inform and empower people giving birth and partners by providing current, evidence-based information for their childbearing year. We teach positive, compassionate classes that strengthens confidence in the process of birth, while respecting the diverse needs and birth plans of our students.    

Our childbirth series includes information on:

  • The physiological and psychological processes of pregnancy, labor, birth (normal birth, variations and complications

  • feeding

  • The postpartum period

  • Good health in pregnancy

  • Your options in pregnancy and childbirth

  • The role and needs of the birth partner

  • Newborn care

  • Informed decision-making

  • Resources and support for pregnancy and early parenthood

  • And much more!

We are a not-for-profit cooperative that pools resources and shares the most current research, which has resulted in the most comprehensive, up-to-date childbirth classes available to parents-to-be.  Rather than classes based on one person's work or a specific method, implying that there's a "right way" (and therefore also a "wrong way") to give birth, Informed Beginnings draws on the wisdom and analysis of many experts in the natural childbirth field, and is a dynamic organization that combines the wisdom of many childbirth educators, researchers, and doulas. We teach People how to work with their bodies, and we teach partners how to effectively provide emotional and physical support and to advocate when needed. We provide a broad range of proven, effective techniques for coping with labor naturally and healthfully, while recognizing that every birth is unique and each person will use what works for them. 

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